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Fred Malone, known as DJ Fred Malone, started Deejaying at a young age. Born & raised in the inner city of Chicago Illinois, DJ Fred Malone witnessed a lot of things. As a child of only 12yrs old, seeing gangs, drive-bys, & the crime rate going up and up, he somehow was determined to avoid the traps and pitfalls of the environment in which he lived. Instead of heading to the courts or hanging with “the boys” after school you would catch him in the basement mixing on his turntables. Mentored by DJ Stormy he made Deejaying a major part of his life. DJ Stormy took him on as a student, teaching the ins and outs of the trade.


It was at 14 years old when DJ Malone’s family took a turn for the worse which led to them moving out of state. They landed in Houston Texas. Fred Malone known as DJ F at the time took his Deejaying to new heights. “Coming from a low income family has it downs” a young Fred Malone said “but I’m willing to make it out and do what I have to do.” He met some connections at this Spot In Houston Tx, a teen club called ‘Attitudes’. DJ Wheels was in charge of the club and gave Fred his 1st gig. DJ F stepped into the booth for the 1st and he ROCKED the show! “I love that feeling that I can make people have a good time”.. 15 year old DJ F was making all kinds of buzz Deejaying at parties and weddings. He was so good, his age never got in the way. That summer DJ STORMY flew down to see DJ F in his 1st DJ Battle called ‘Shine the Wheels’. DJ F won 2nd place & even though he didn’t come in 1st he showed himself a contender and a powerful force in the game.


At the age of 17, DJ F was deejaying one night and messed up on the mic, “It’s DJ F in the building” as he put the mic down he thought to himself, DJ F just does not sound right. As he made the big announcement to the crowd “everyone let me reintroduce myself” my name is DJ 1.2 the crowd loved it, including Houston’s own DJ Overdose. Overdose was a club dj who did nights at the club on the southwest of town called “Roxy”. Overdose had caught up with DJ 1.2” and asked if he would like to cover for him at the “Roxy” he took the deal. DJ 1.2 was very nervous but took the gig as a TEEN CLUB DJ but for 18 & up, – but was he ready? DJ 1.2 played his best set ever! The crowd loved the young DJ.. Even the club owner fell right in love with him, but, because DJ 1.2 was a minor, the club owner could not let him continue Deejaying at the club.


At the age of 18 Dj 1.2 was experiencing other hardships within his own family and in life. He had his third child on the way. Himself and his brothers and sisters were in foster care. ONCE again Fred turned to mixing on his turntables. He came up with the name DJ FRED MALONE in thought of his mother whose last name was Malone. In 2007 he came with DJ MALONE PRODUCTIONS a DJ service, servicing all over from Houston to Dallas doing weddings parties, hosting events, working at clubs, such as Club Magic & Nightlands. And, his favorite “Club Fantasy”, a strip club.


In 2009 he took his Deejaying service and made it into a full scale production business. He works with underground rappers and emerging artists in the production of songs, beats, and mixtapes.